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Equipment Rental Company

Equipment Rental Company

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Bridge Inspection Truck (#558)

Make/Model:  Paxton Mitchell
                      Super Snooper
Vertical Reach:  28 Ft
Horizontal Reach:  40 Ft
Platform:  Metal Walkway 3 Ft x 10 Ft
                2nd Expansion 3 Ft x 6 Ft
                3rd Expansion 3 Ft x 8 Ft
          (Complete Platform 3 Ft x 24 Ft)
Capacity:  600 lbs.
Platform Leveling:  Automatic
Controls:  Electric-over-Hydraulic
                Hi/Low Speed Operation
                Engine Stop/Start
                Two-Speed Throttle
                Intercom System
Stabilizers:  Axle Lock & Counterweight
                  Rolling Outriggers
Auxiliary Power:  No

Make/Model:  GMC 8000
Engine:  Diesel
Transmission:  Automatic 5-Speed
GVWR:  46,000 lbs.
Brakes:  Air

Status:  For Rent with Nationwide Availability.
            Contact us for Scheduling and Rates.